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Baidu PC Faster for Windows

Baidu PC Faster for Windows


A scanning program called Baidu Pc Faster scans your computer and cleans it up when problems are found. Over 300 cleaning roadblocks are covered by the application’s’s four cleaning types.

Through the Speedup and Fasternow features, Baidu continuously updates their procedure database to offer you a comprehensive number of Pc accelerations. Additionally, it scans your program for any threats using Baidu Anti-virus’ engine.

Included are the following important characteristics:

  1. enables the release of trapped reminiscence, speeding up your Pc.
  2. optimizes the resources on your pc so that mmorpgs run more smoothly.
  3. Hotspot for Wi-fi.
  4. consumer interface with intelligence.

Overall, Baidu Pc Faster’s’s consumer interface is modern and user-friendly, and hides can be changed. It is a useful tool for scanning and cleaning your program, resulting in apparent frequency and response times improvements. It includes a robust antiviral checking mechanism as well as some practical features like Wifi Hotspot inventor.




Windows version of Baidu Pc Faster 5. 1.
size of the file:
28.80 Gb
  1. Xp of Panels
  2. Windows 10,
  3. Windows 7, etc.
  4. 98 Si Windows
  5. Windows 2003,
  6. Windows Nt,
  7. 95, Panels
  8. , Windows 2000
  9. Me in Windows,
  10. 98th Windows,
  11. , Windows Vista
  12. Windows 8..1,
  13. Windows 8,
most recent change:
August 18, 2023, Thursday


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