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Equalizer APO for Windows

Equalizer APO for Windows

Windows’ descriptive and creative balancer is called Equalizer Apo. For the system effect infrastructure added with Windows Vista, it is used as an audio processing object( Apo ).

Your sound’s’s power and quality can both be enhanced with the aid of Equalizer Apo.

Important Characteristics:

  1. effectively limitless filter options.
  2. works with any number of streams.
  3. It is suitable for engaging implementations because of its extremely lower latency.
  4. Chipset utilization is minimal.
  5. user interface with a flexible graphics.

Windows equaliser Equalizer Apo lacks a visual person software. Therefore, you modify the audio output’s’s surroundings using Txt paperwork. Your operating system’s’s robin is where the app operates, and it produces effective results without affecting your network methods. Because of this Equalizer, Apo is both trustworthy and effective.


You can select the product to which you want to use the Apo after downloading the app. You must be aware of the sound apparatus you must improve. The game tells you which connectors support Apo and displays a comprehensive list of phone spellings. You must available a form Txt folder and go to the location where Equalizer Apo is installed in order to change the new equalizer’s’s parameters.



Windows Equalizer Apo 1.2.1
  1. Panels 10,
most recent revision:
August 18, 2023, a Wednesday
Thedering Jon


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