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JavaExe for Windows

JavaExe for Windows

Your Java software can be launched by Javaexe from an.exe as if it were a Windows software, procedure service, control panel, or screen saver. Additionally, you can add a Jre to your Java implementation so that it runs regardless of how the guest product is configured.

Included are the following key characteristics:

  1. As a Windows software, introduction.
  2. Launch Windows’ Control Panel.
  3. Release as a Windows Service( with pc interaction options )?
  4. power to reset or begin an Admin manner Java software.
  5. potential to use Admin manner to pass just a portion of the Java use.
  6. Controlling Services Management.
  7. Taskbar management.
  8. 64-bit Jre support is available.
  9. complete Unicode administration.

Overall, Javaexe is a lightweight, feature-rich, and user-friendly request. It can assist you in managing Jre or Jdk, allowing you to see Windows features that are typically reserved for.net word or Hundred ++ while also modifying the carrying out guidelines as you see fit.




Windows version of Javaexe 3.0
Shape of a submit:
. 70 Mb
  1. Poder version of windows 98,
  2. Nt Windows
  3. Windows 8, etc.
  4. Windows Xp,
  5. Me for Skylights,
  6. Windows 95,
  7. Windows 8.1,
  8. Using Windows 2003
  9. Windows 2000,
  10. 98 Windows,
  11. Windows 7, etc.
  12. Windows Vista,
  13. Windows 10,
languages that are spoken:
  1. English,
  2. French
most recent revision:
4th of August 2023, Wednesday


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