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RouterPassView for Windows

RouterPassView for Windows

If a backup of the network configuration files is stored on the computer, the lighter, portable efficiency Routepassview can return” lost” credentials to those documents.

Routerpassview is moveable, so you can just fall the.exe register onto your hard drive, scroll to launch it, and use a Usb drive to operate it from any desktop.

The app’s’s user user interface is a straightforward window in the explorer design. You can use the folder browser or drag-and-drop to receptive the modem form register from there. The client, passcode, item type, and user name are displayed in the list that is provided. When working with large amounts of data, Routerpassview also supports opening the network computer software, grabbing credentials from Ie windows, and using a search functionality. Additionally, you can switch between table and text way( Ascii or hexadecimal ) and copy stuff to the folder.


Overall, Routerpassview is a very user-friendly, incredibly portable app. It has a decent result occasion and can easily grab passwords. It’s’s important to note that after removing Routerpassview, no files are stored on your hard drive and the Windows registry doesn’t get entry updates.



Windows version of Routerpassview 1.90
  1. Windows 8 8.1
most recent revision:
13th August 2023, a Friday
Sofer, Nir


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