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Alt-Tab Thingy for Windows

Download Advertisement If you’re’re unfamiliar with Windows’ Alt-tab task switcher, it’s’s a keyboard shortcut( hot-key ) that enables quick switching between programs and windows. You can transfer tasks more quickly and effectively than ever with the support of Alt-tab Thingy, a alternative that adds brand-new benefits! Features: To select something, press the mouse keys. Use… Continue reading Alt-Tab Thingy for Windows

ATNSOFT Key Remapper for Windows

Download 1/4 The users can prevent and remap secrets, keyboard buttons, and computer mouse bike actions using Atnsoft’s’s Key Remapper. For instance, if Caps-lock is physically absent from your insight computers, you can replace it with the” thick mouse release” or another code using this Windows software. Important characteristics include: Advertisement keys, mouse button machines,… Continue reading ATNSOFT Key Remapper for Windows

Microsoft IntelliPoint for Windows

Download 1/4 You can modify the distinctive aspects of your Microsoft computer mouse using the Intellipoint tool. To carry out commands, shortcuts, and application-specific functions, you can reassign shiner buttons. Additionally, you may change rat functions like updated horizontal clicking and pointer frequency. You can modify your Microsoft mouse’s’s distinctive aspects using Intellipoint tool to… Continue reading Microsoft IntelliPoint for Windows