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Save to Pocket for Windows

Download One of the best methods for saving papers, movies, and other significant article is the Chrome Save to Pocket Extension. When you find someone in Chrome that you want to sight later, just get it in your pocket to use the expansion! Even if you don’t have an Internet connection, you can always see… Continue reading Save to Pocket for Windows

GOOSE VPN for Windows

Download In a time when data breaches and abuse are frequently covered by the information, computer security and data health are important concerns. You can access articles and websites that might otherwise be blocked thanks to Goose Vpn, a safe Vpn support that protects your online engagement and personal information. Features Included: Computers without limits… Continue reading GOOSE VPN for Windows

Vuze for Windows

Download A completely Bittorrent prospect called Vuze( previously Azureus ) is used to send and receive files using the bittorrent convention. The Azureus Engine is used in the Java-based implementation. Multiple torrent downloads, queuing / priority systems( on torrents and files ), start / stop seeding options, and instant access to a variety of torrent-related… Continue reading Vuze for Windows