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Hola for Windows

Download 1/4 You can access the faster and more empty Internet with the Hola expansion for Chrome, an ad-free Vpn placeholder program. You you access web that are censored or blocked in your homeland by installing Hola. Without needing any specialized proxy layout understanding, the Hola computer expansion enables you to browse the web invisibly… Continue reading Hola for Windows

OneNote Web Clipper for Windows

Download A certainly helpful denotation that enables you to spare the glad you like from websites you visit is Onenote Web Clipper. You may access the articles from any gadget that has the use installed on your login after the content has been directly clipped to Onenote. To make it easier for you to quickly… Continue reading OneNote Web Clipper for Windows

Ghostery for Windows

Download Your on browsing and hunting behaviors cannot be tracked and stored by businesses, communal marketing, or many interactive expertise thanks to the Ghostery modification for Chrome. A modest but effective denotation called Ghostery gives you more control over your on protection and improves computer browsing security. The design and color project are simple to… Continue reading Ghostery for Windows

Evernote Web Clipper for Windows

Download To save the things you like online to your Evernote accounts, use the Chrome modification for Web Clipper. Implement Evernote Web Clipper instead of bookmarks any longer! Simply cut short the desired computer sections, save them in Evernote, and use any product to quickly find them. It’s’s really that easy. Included in the important… Continue reading Evernote Web Clipper for Windows