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Axialis IconWorkshop for Windows

Download Create custom images for Windows, Macintosh, and Unix using Iconworkshop. For Vista, Windows it creates Windows images that are up to 256×256, and for Leopard( Mac Os 10.5 ), Macintosh icons are created with a resolution of 512×512. Png images are used in Unix. With just a few taps, Iconworkshop converts existent Windows and… Continue reading Axialis IconWorkshop for Windows

IcoFX for Windows

Download 1/5 Icofx is a comprehensive tool for editing, extracting, and creating icons. There are essentially no restrictions on the images you can make thanks to the abundance of gear and more than 40 implications available to you. Your preferred images can be quickly transformed into symbols or vice versa. You can modify the images… Continue reading IcoFX for Windows