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MAME Plus! for Windows

Download Use Mam Plus to Play the best Arcade Mmorpgs ! Mama Plus ! is an online product created by the Nicola Salmoria / Mame Team primarily for fans of arcade games who enjoy the video game era but are currently experiencing hardware issues. These problems make it extremely challenging for these players to hold… Continue reading MAME Plus! for Windows

Process Hacker for Windows

Download You can view all of the procedures that your system performs using the free and open source Process Hacker game. The app is a potent multi-purpose program that can serve as Windows Task Manager’s’s substitution. You can use it to monitor your product, detect trojan, and debug. Effective procedure termination, consciousness viewing and editing,… Continue reading Process Hacker for Windows

DiskCryptor for Windows

Download For the average user, with Diskcryptor is comparatively simple. Diskcryptor did launch as a background service with an logo in the network tray after you install it. If your product generate has been encrypted, you can choose to have it pile from your shoe field. You can encrypt / decrypt( Aes 256, Two Fish,… Continue reading DiskCryptor for Windows

Glary Utilities for Windows

Download 1/4 A costless Windows Pc performance boost and program cleaner is called Glary Utilities. One-click functionality and simple, automatic options are available on the user-friendly interface, allowing you to select between a 1-click maintenance and an individual set of operations. Your notebook may run faster thanks to the more than twenty procedure infrastructure included,… Continue reading Glary Utilities for Windows

Ultimate Windows Tweaker

Download You can see practical product changes, not just those that are essentially aesthetic, using the complimentary Windows Tweaker mechanism. There is no installment required because the application is included in a zip file and can be only extracted. If you want to include this in your collection of Usb moveable tools, it will be… Continue reading Ultimate Windows Tweaker

Auslogics Registry Defrag for Windows

Download When you add and delete Registry submissions, the Windows network Registry gradually becomes defragmented. A completely, simple-to-use program called Auslogics Registry Defrag defragments the Windows procedure Registry and recovers some hard disk space. By condensing the Registry, this will also increase access to it, which may accelerate your Computers. The user layout for the… Continue reading Auslogics Registry Defrag for Windows

PunkBuster for Windows

Download Advertisement The original anti-cheat procedure for on multiplayer mmorpgs was Punkbuster. Real-time brain searching by the Pb Client on players’ computers in search of well-known exploits and hacks Multiple Internet Master Servers are used in a throttled two-tier context auto-up email network to offer end-user security and prevent the installation of fake or corrupt… Continue reading PunkBuster for Windows