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Thilmera7 for Windows

Download A little application called Thimera7 is made to monitor numerous technology configurations on your computer so you can continue a close center on its capabilities. As a real-time testing game, it will instantly give you detailed information about the memory, drives, network, Chipset, Gpu, processes, and sound card of your computer. The principal windows… Continue reading Thilmera7 for Windows

Kaspersky TDSSKiller for Windows

Download 1/5 Lab Kaspersky is the company that created Kasparsky Tdsskiller. It is a Windows platform anti-rootkit detector and cleanser that is free. The software can use Ksn to scan artifacts, detect Tdlfs file systems, and optionally verify submit digital petitions. It can also scan specific parts of your computer, such as the system memory,… Continue reading Kaspersky TDSSKiller for Windows

Taskbar Texturizer for Windows

Download Utilize the Taskbar Texturizer Product to Maximise Your use of Windows Vista. In conjunction with Windows Vista, a brand-new program called Taskbar Texturizer has been made available. It collaborates with Windows Vista to give you choices that may enhance the functionality and appearance of your notebook. The contents of your pc are displayed in… Continue reading Taskbar Texturizer for Windows

Google Calendar Sync for Windows

Download How to sync your Windows Contact and Youtube Calendar You are probably losing money if you don’t use Google Calendar for your company. This is due to the fact that your Google calender won’t appear as an implementation or widget when you sync it with your Windows desktops. It’ll’ll show up as a typical… Continue reading Google Calendar Sync for Windows

A-PDF Restrictions Remover for Windows

Download a mechanism for removing Pdf freedom Additional restrictions have been placed on a Pdf submit if it cannot be copied, modified, or printed. Adobe Acrobat did really show a message indicating that an incompatible application has been chosen when you attempt to modify any of these limitations. Then, in order to continue, you will… Continue reading A-PDF Restrictions Remover for Windows

Gilisoft EXE Lock for Windows

Download By password-protecting all binary documents stored on your computer, Gilisoft Exe Lock is a useful tool that you prevent unauthorized exposure. When you need to grant somebody else restricted access to your computer, Gilisoft Exe Lock is a extremely helpful program. In order to stop similar users from entering what you deem to be… Continue reading Gilisoft EXE Lock for Windows

iBetterCharge for Windows

Download A small but useful tool for maintaining the life of your phone device is ibettercharge. It monitors the battery life of your iphone and did notify you when it is decreased. The” Sync this ipad over Wi-fi” choice is enabled, so the implementation is access any ios device that is connected to your Wifi… Continue reading iBetterCharge for Windows

Unchecky for Windows

Download By maintaining your checkboxes explicit during document deployments, the small and lighter use Unchecky was created to prevent potentially unwanted programs from entering your computer. During the assembly mechanism, the implementation instantly removes offers that are not related to it. As a result, clicks are saved time and effort, and it is less likely… Continue reading Unchecky for Windows